For Parents

Why screening is important for all babies

  • Testing all babies is important because most babies appear healthy at birth, even babies who have disorders that need treatment.
  • Newborn screening helps prevent certain treatable disorders. Babies with these disorders need treatment in early infancy to prevent severe disease later on.

Most likely, your baby does not have one of these disorders; screening can help determine that.

The process for testing

  • Testing for newborn screening is done on a few small drops of blood collected when your baby is about two days old.
  • If testing shows that your baby has signs of one of these treatable disorders, your baby's doctor will contact you to arrange treatment.

Parents in Massachusetts

Routine screening is required in Massachusetts. Optional screenings, or pilot studies, are also available for parents. Learn more, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Parents in Other States

The New England Newborn Screening Program serves parents in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Find out more, including answers to frequently asked questions.